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Great when you want to send a little bit of the Black and Gold Nation to family and friends. This box contains Pittsburgh Pretzels, pistachios, two Steeler cookies, a Steeler bottle jersey to keep your bottle cold, a deck of Steeler cards and a Steeler candy bar.
Price: $39.00

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Bucs Game Day
Our Bucs Game Day Basket contains everyting you need to have a great day at PNC Park. This basket has a Pittsburgh Pirates Cozie, Pittsburgh Pirates bumper sticker, a deck of Pittsburgh Pirates playing cards, Pittsburgh Pirates license plate, Pittsburgh Pretzels, Baby Ruth candy bars, Cracker Jacks and Big Chew bubble gum.
Price: $51.00

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Hockey Night in Pittsburgh
It’s a hockey night in Pittsburgh, so take it to the net and score with this basket! This basket contains a NHL Pittsburgh Penguins Hockey mug, Penguins license plate, NHL “Ice Breaker” hockey card game, Pittsburgh pretzel, Pittsburgh Penguins playing cards,Pittsburgh Penguins shopping bag, a Pittsburgh Hockey sound blaster to cheer on the team and Pittsburgh Penguins hat.
Price: $80.75

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Just Fore Dad
This Gift box makes a great gift for any dad who plays golf. “Just Fore Dad” contains golf practice balls, golf tees, golf balls, a golf pencil, golf bath herbs, gourmet coffee and gourmet cookies.
Price: $35.50

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Let's Go Pens
A Pittsburgh Penguin NHL lunch tote is over flowing with Pittsburgh pretzels, NHL Pittsburgh Penguin mug, Beer nuts, NHL Pittsburgh Penguin deck of playing cards, Pittsburgh Penguin NHL 3 D magnets, Pittsburgh coffee and caramel popcorn.
Price: $62.00

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Penguins Love
The Fan who loves the Pittsburgh Penguins Hockey Team will go crazy over this gift basket. It contains Pittsburgh Pretzels, Pittsburgh Penguins license plate, almonds, Pittsburgh Penguins can cooler and a deck of Pittsburgh Penguins playing cards.
Price: $38.50

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Pirate Buccos
The Pittsburgh Pirates take the field with this Pirate Buccos gift basket. It contains a Pittsburgh Pirates mug, Cracker Jacks, a baseball filled with gum, Pittsburgh pretzels and Pittsburgh Pirates shortbread cookies.
Price: $35.50

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Pittsburgh Penguin Tailgate
Whether you're tailgating at PPG Plaza or at home with friends and family our tailgate bucket say's "Let's Go Pens"! This 5 quart NHL Pittsburgh Penguins bucket is packed with Miller's Mustard, The Purple Spoon beer jelly, Pittsburgh Penguin coasters, almonds, two soups, NHL Pittsburgh Penguins travel mug, gourmet coffee, Pittsburgh Penguins tattoos, Pittsburgh pretzels and cheese sticks.
Price: $83.75

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Pittsburgh Penguins On The Ice
The Pittsburgh Penguins score on the ice with this cooler. It holds Pittsburgh Pretzels, Penguin license plate, cheese crisps, Moose Munch caramel popcorn, Wind and Willow dip mix, Pittsburgh Penguin playing cards, Pittsburgh Penguin travel cup, potato chips, 2 cocoas, chocolate covered peanuts, mustard, pistachios and beer nuts.
Price: $98.50

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Pittsburgh Penguins Score
You will score with this Pittsburgh Penguin basket! This Pittsburgh Penguin soft sided 12 pack ice chest is over flowing with items every fan needs...a NHL "Ice Breaker" card game, NHL baseball cap, NHL Pittsburgh Penguin travel cup, Pittsburgh Pretzels, Miller's Mustard, a deck of NHL Pittsburgh Penguin playing cards, NHL Pittsburgh Penguin coasters,an NHL Pittsburgh Penguin umbrella, a reusable Penguin shopping bag and Pittsburgh chocolate.
Price: $119.75

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Pittsburgh Pirates Home Run
Score a home run with Basketique’s Pittsburgh Pirates gift basket. This basket would be the perfect addition to game day! It contains a Pittsburgh Pirates Checkers game, a Pittsburgh Pirates Umbrella, Pittsburgh Pirates mug, Pittsburgh Pirates coasters, Pretzel Crazy pretzel, Fortunes gourmet coffee, almond cranberry popcorn, gourmet cookies and Gourmet Cheese sticks.
Price: $88.25

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Pittsburgh Steelers Black and Gold
What a great way to watch the game and enjoy some great treats. This popcorn tin contains gourmet caramel popcorn, microwave popcorn, Moose Munch, Pittsburgh Steelers chocolate bar, chocolate covered pretzels, beer nuts, chocolate covered peanuts and Pittsburgh pretzels.
Price: $58.00

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Pittsburgh Steelers Fan
This could be the perfect basket for the Pittsburgh Steelers fan who loves to tailgate! The Pittsburgh Steelers popcorn bucket contains a Pittsburgh Steelers chocolate bar, Pittsburgh Steelers football, beer nuts, Pittsburgh pretzels, Pittsburgh Steelers cup, Pittsburgh Steelers puzzle, Pittsburgh Steelers license plate, caramel popcorn and two bags of microwave popcorn.
Price: $70.00

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Pittsburgh Steelers Lunch Tote
Every Pittsburgh Steelers football fan will this basket. It is built in a Steelers lunch tote. It contains Pittsburgh Steelers mints,coasters, playing cards, mug, and license plate. Along with Pittsburgh Pretzels, Trello's chocolate Steelers bar, cheese crisps, caramel popcorn and coffee.
Price: $98.00

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Pittsburgh Steelers Pride
Game day is fast approaching and this is the perfect basket to show your Pittsburgh Steelers pride. It contains a Steeler cup, pack of 12 4" Steeler coasters, a deck of Steelers playing cards, Steeler Tatoos, Snyder's Pittsburgh Pretzels, Steeler bumper sticker, Myron Cope's Terrible Towel, one dozen Basketique's Fresh Baked Chocolate Chunk Cookies, Miller's Mustard and Fortune's Coffee.
Price: $73.25

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Pittsburgh's Best Fresh From The Oven
The perfect gift for someone away from home, a hotel amenity or even at a tailgate party. Send a variety of Basketique's own freshly baked, rich in flavor, perfectly delicious, oven fresh cookies. Our Pittsburgh box contains 2 1/2 dozen cookies. You may select from milk chocolate chunk or triple chocolate chunk.
Price: $32.00

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The Golf Box
The perfect gift for your favorite golfer. The Golf Box includes a sleeve of golf balls, a humerous golf magnet, a golf pen, golfers bath herbs, hard tack candies, Jelly Belly jelly beans, pretzels, gourmet coffee, and gourmet nuts.
Price: $46.50

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